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The Upsides and Downsides of the Ontario Sired Program

Three of Ontario's leading breeders discuss the province's Ontario Sired program and what needs to change for local breeders to prosper.

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Everatt-Meeuse: I Can’t Afford to Breed An Ontario-Bred Thoroughbred

Arika Everatt-Meeuse of Shannondoe Farm discusses the challenges facing Ontario Thoroughbred breeders and what needs to be done to help sustain racing.

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Burness: Thoroughbred Breeding in Ontario is An Uncertain Future

Ontario must maintain its own horse supply to support racing. Without a healthy breeding industry, local racetracks will continue to struggle filling races.

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What Will the Trend of ‘Decoupling’ Mean for Horse Racing?

The decoupling of racetracks from casinos could be a serious threat to the future of the sport as casinos have other ideas for the acres used for racing.

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Is Capping the Number of Mares a Stallion Can Breed a Good Thing?

The Jockey Club of the United States is considering setting a cap on the number of mares that can be bred per stallion during a calendar year.

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Let The Demise of Greyhound Racing be a Warning to Horse Racing

After reports of abuse and neglect, Florida became the latest state to ban dog racing. Could horse racing be the next sport targeted by animal activists?